January 4, 2011

Laura Hensser curates TRACE at the John Hansard Gallery

Elizabeth Tubergen – Exposure



Private View – Saturday 8th January 4 – 6pm

Exhibition – 8 January -19 February 2011

John Hansard Gallery Project Space

‘Trace’ is an exploration into the removal and recording of geographical forms from their original, fixed context. The study of the landscape treads the line between representation and abstraction, to extract and reinterpret a given space; to re-contextualise segments of the landscape by calling attention to a space that is permeable, and that is associated with a sense of fragmentation.

The exhibition is an attempt to question elements of space, scale, and occurrence of light. The artists are exploring the limits of removing, capturing and pushing the rudiments of the ever-changing landscape through their own semiotic systems, making observations outside of the gallery space and re-contextualising them within.

Artists: Eloise Rose, Joel Papps, Elizabeth Tubergen, Oliver Gardiner and Frank Pudney

Curated by Laura Hensser

John Hansard Gallery Project Room, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ.

Website: www.hansardgallery.org.uk

January 4, 2011


December 15, 2010

Pilar Citoler Prize 2010 Winner Karen Knorr

November 20, 2010

graduate Andrew Bruce in the Telegraph


November 18, 2010

Anna Fox – portfolio published in EXIT

Hampshire Vilage Pram Race 2006 from the series Back to the Village

EXIT# 40 About 10, between innocence and tragedy.

Childhood is photography’s golden age. It is estimated that the number of photographs of children taken in the history of this visual language far exceeds those on any other theme or genre. Images of children live in family albums, advertising and fashion, the worlds of tragedies and wars. There is nothing more affected than a child in a photograph, however photographs of children have also been used to explore the lost territories of longing and innocence, paradises that we inhabited once, but to which we can never return.

Hugh Cunningham, Emeritus Professor of Social History at the University of Kent and author, among others, of The Children of the Poor: Representations of Childhood since the 17th Century and The Invention of Childhood, traces the limits of childhood, a concept which changes according to the historical and cultural moment, and also defines the different relationships that have existed between the world of the adult and that of the child in western history: from the slave, almost animal-like child, to the princel, an object of desire, the child is a symbol which reflects the anxieties of society like a mirror.

Anne Higonnet
, author of Pictures of Innocence: The History and Crisis of Ideal Childhood, Lewis Carroll, and A Museum of One’s Own, has worked for years on the subject of childhood using the images which every social era constructs of its children as a starting point, focusing particularly on those captured moments in which innocence seems to be trapped in the gazes and faces of children from the whole world. The author writes about the biographies we construct of our children, the obsession of many photographers with capturing the essence of childhood through images of their own children.

But, are children actually happy to be photographed? To what extent is childhood just a construction by adults of a perverse memory, of the longing for that which can no longer be recovered, for that which we never had in the first place? The gazes of hundreds of children are trapped like butterflies of a thousand colours in the pages of this magazine which celebrates its 10th anniversary, crossing the line that gradually leads to maturity and leaves behind those early years in which everything seemed possible. Michal Chelbin, Vee Speers, Nicholas Prior, Roger Ballen, Wendy McMurdo, Sergey Bratkov, Clare Richardson, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Anna Fox and Ingar Krauss search for gazes and childhood moments which are sometimes of their own children and at others those of complete strangers.

But there’s more, Sally Mann, Pedro Álvarez, Christer Strömholm, Amy Stein, Lovisa Ringborg, Hellen van Meene, Nelli Palomäki, Loretta Lux, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Miguel Trillo, Tereza Vlcková, Catherine Opie, Jacob A. Riis, Gertrude Käsebier, Julian Germain, Emmet Gowin, Lewis Hine, Helen Levitt, Paola de Grenet, Rineke Dijkstra, Julia Margaret Cameron and, of course, Lewis Carroll.

EXIT # 40 is an anniversary issue, but also a demonstration that childhood does not just mean innocence, but also terror, fear, loneliness, desire, and, above all, the courage to walk towards an uncertain and unpredictable future.

#40 ABOUT 10

Texts : Hugh Cunningham and Anne Higonnet.

Portfolios: Roger Ballen, Sergey Bratkov, Michal Chelbin, Anna Fox, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Ingar Krauss, Wendy McMurdo, Nicholas Prior, Clare Richardson, Vee Speers.

Artists: Pedro Álvarez, Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll, Rineke Dijkstra, Julian Germain, Emmet Gowin, Paola de Grenet, Lewis Hine, Gertrude Käsebier, Helen Levitt, Loretta Lux, Sally Mann, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Hellen van Meene, Catherine Opie, Nelli Palomäki, Jacob A. Riis, Lovisa Ringborg, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Amy Stein, Christer Strömholm, Miguel Trillo, Tereza Vlcková.

November 17, 2010

Karen Knorr exhibits in Choba Mela VI


Choba Mela is a festival of photography held in Bangladesh

November 5, 2010

Professor Karen Knorr reviewed in Time Out Bangalore

TimeoutBengaluru_karen_oct_15-28_2010_page1.jpg 1024√ó1408 pixelsTimeoutBengaluru_karen_oct_15-28_2010_page2.jpg 1024√ó1869 pixels

October 31, 2010

Anthony Luvera invites you

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

If you are in Bucharest between the 28th of October and the 5th of November please take some time to come along to CitiesMethodologies / Bucharest – a multidisciplinary programme of exhibitions, talks and workshops and screenings that explore innovative

methodologies in urban research from a variety of disciplines based in the arts, sociology, anthropology, urban planning, architecture…

I will be presenting the video work Prologue to Isha and images from Residency.
CitiesMethodologies / Bucharest is curated and coordinated by Ger Duijzings, Simona Dumitriu, Vera Marin and Aurora Kiraly, and features contributions by
Wesley Aelbrecht,  Marina Albu, Gruia Badescu, Cristian Balan, Catalin Berescu, Bogdan Bordeianu, Irina Botea,  Liviu Chelcea, Phil Collins, Calin Dan, Madalina Diaconu, Andra Mitia Dumitru, Simona Dumitriu & Raluca Ionescu, Daniel Djamo, Ioana Gheorghiu, Celia Ghyka, Marius Huza, Andra Jurgiu, Margareta Kern, Iwona Kurz, Anthony Luvera, London in Motion, Vintila Mihailescu, Marius Mitran, Mihai Motcanu Dumitrescu, Cosmin Nicolae, Mircea Nicolae, Rastko Novaković & Ger Duijzings, Andrei Radu, Norbert Petrovici, Ionut Piturescu, roArchive (Bogdan Bordeianu, Michele Bressan, Simona Dumitriu, Bogdan Girbovan, Raluca Ionescu, Iosif Kiraly, Andrei Mateescu, Cosmin Moldovan, Larisa Sitar), Peter Sant, Stefan Sava, Mihnea Simiras, Alexandru Solomon, Sebastian Stan, Viorela Strat, Zelmira Szabo, subREAL, Varinia Taboada, Mihaela Tantas, Miruna Tirca, Ștefan Tiron, Emilia Tugui, Füsun Türetken, Ioana Tudora and Eva Weber.
CitiesMethodologies / Bucharest will take place in Casa Scarlat-Ghica on the grounds of Universitatii de Arte din Bucuresti. Please see the following page for further information:
October 31, 2010

lecturer Anthony Luvera exhibits collaborative project

October 29, 2010

graduate Fiona Harvey wins Japanese/UK photography prize



The Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation awards grants to individuals and institutions in the UK and Japan in all areas of the visual and performing arts, the humanities, the social sciences, science and engineering, mathematics, business studies, and education, including schools and universities, and grass roots and professional groups.